Financial Tidbits

Doh! A successful investment portfolio relies on logic and the ability to avoid emotional decisions. The father of behavioral finance uses an analogy to explain why the investing public is generally not so successful. Read More… Do You Know the Difference? The terms estate tax and inheritance tax are often used interchangeably. But they describe […]

Is This What You Imagined
When You Wrote Your Will?

Windfalls of any kind often lead to bad decisions. Don’t let the inheritance you leave become one of them. Ask yourself… What do I want my legacy to be? Have I taken the steps to ensure it happens? Do I understand all of my options for distributing my wealth to my heirs? Whether you plan […]

Death But No Taxes

Death, But No Taxes?

Sort of, in India. The average worker there pays no income tax. Check out this interactive graph of what the average workers of other countries pay in income tax, broken down between federal, local, and social security taxes. Read More State of the Union The percentage of unionized workers in America is steadily falling. Read […]

Retirement Clock

Are You Prepared For This Challenge?

To be prepared for retirement ­ or more importantly, longevity ­ we must rely on ourselves more than ever. Here’s why: IN 1998, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies offered pensions to new hires. Today, only 7% do. 1 The largest 100 pension plans still in existence are only 81% funded as of […]

Financial Tidbits

Better, But Still Not Good Do you believe you’re on pace for a comfortable retirement? What about everyone else? Here’s a quick look at how prepared Americans are for their golden years, now and then. Click here to read more It Pays To Tell The Truth Literally. Just ask Edward O’Donnell. He’s fifty­seven million dollars […]