Do you have golden handcuffs? When is it time to take them off and walk away?

Companies put “Golden Handcuffs” in place to retain key employees. They are benefits like restricted stock, deferred compensation, contractual bonuses or benefits an employee must repay if they leave a company. Ask your self the question that we must all ask ourselves when planning for our futures – How much is enough? What will make […]

Separating from your spouse? Financial Areas that you will want to consider

We all know that things don’t end because they are good. If you find yourself separating from your spouse, here are some things you will want to make sure that you consider. Please be sure to consult your attorney and / or CPA for the ramifications of these decisions. How much house can you afford? […]

Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation?

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about those who love a good sandwich. I’m talking about people who find themselves providing support in some form to both their children and their parents. You may be helping your children with: • General costs while they are still living at home • The cost of college • The cost […]

couple budget persistence

Persistence and Budgeting

I am a lifelong Weight Watcher – a returning champion. Rather than think of myself as of having failed, gained weight back, and landed myself back in weekly meetings, I prefer to see myself as persistent. One of the keys to losing weight on the Weight Watchers program is to track your food daily. This […]


With the cold of winter, many people are thinking about SnowBirding in their retirement. What is SnowBirding? It’s migrating south for the cold winter months and then returning to the north for the remainder of the year. If you want to Snowbird in the future, it’s best to start planning now. One of the first […]