Financial Tidbits

ImageLandmark Decision
On Friday, June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same¬≠sex couples have a Constitutional right to marry. Here’s what happened and what it means, along with a little history on the subject.

Is It That Hard?
You know you deserve it, so why won’t you ask for it? Asking the boss for a raise may take courage that many people don’t have. How about courage to face a root canal? No problem.

The Grass Is Greener
About twenty percent of us expect to find a new job in the next year. The reasons why are interesting. What’s more interesting is the difference in reasoning between women and men. A concise table sums it up.

New Rules, For Some
Overtime eligibility rules have changed. Depending on your salary and job title, these new rules may affect you. Here’s a brief summary of four possible outcomes.