Do you have golden handcuffs? When is it time to take them off and walk away?

Companies put “Golden Handcuffs” in place to retain key employees. They are benefits like restricted stock, deferred compensation, contractual bonuses or benefits an employee must repay if they leave a company.

Ask your self the question that we must all ask ourselves when planning for our futures – How much is enough? What will make you feel financially secure? Do you need to fully fund your children’s college education? Does your house need to be payed off? Do you have enough set aside for retirement?

The goal of all financial planning while you are working is to figure out at what point you cross from working because you have to, to working because you choose to. Once you know what those numbers look like, you can decide what it will take to use the key for the handcuffs and walk away for good from the job and walk towards the next phase in your life.