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Financial planners can make a major impact in the peace of mind of single individuals

Financial planners can make a major impact in the peace of mind of single individuals.  Over the years, I have worked with many individuals who were either widowed or never married.  I have also worked with people who don’t discuss their finances with their partners and those who keep their finances completely separate for many […]

Do you have golden handcuffs? When is it time to take them off and walk away?

Companies put “Golden Handcuffs” in place to retain key employees. They are benefits like restricted stock, deferred compensation, contractual bonuses or benefits an employee must repay if they leave a company. Ask your self the question that we must all ask ourselves when planning for our futures – How much is enough? What will make […]

Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation?

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about those who love a good sandwich. I’m talking about people who find themselves providing support in some form to both their children and their parents. You may be helping your children with: • General costs while they are still living at home • The cost of college • The cost […]


With the cold of winter, many people are thinking about SnowBirding in their retirement. What is SnowBirding? It’s migrating south for the cold winter months and then returning to the north for the remainder of the year. If you want to Snowbird in the future, it’s best to start planning now. One of the first […]

Retirement Considerations for Government Contractors

Government contractors face additional retirement challenges when compared to their Federal Employee counterparts. Contractors have no pension, have to plan for health insurance in retirement, can’t necessarily control their own retirement date, and  may have access to more complex savings vehicles. This can make planning for your retirement more challenging. Pension The most obvious difference […]